Introducing bike de lechon: Bike now, bite later!

Image by Romy Badilla Certeza's video via Pinoy MTB Filipino Mountain Bikers' Facebook post
  • A group of Filipino bikers have innovated a lechon-spinning mechanism
  • They called it “bike de lechon”

The Filipinos are known to be resourceful and innovative. So it’s not quite surprising to see yet another sample of that Filipino ingenuity in a trending video shared by netizen Romy Badilla Certeza via Pinoy MTB Pinoy Mountain Bikers Facebook page.

Look at this a cool way of cooking the famous Filipino delicacy “lechon” [roasted pig] — the bikers have attached a bike’s chain to the rotating part of the lechon rotisserie.

Not only did they find it as a more efficient way to cook the lechon which usually takes up to three hours, but they can also do what their group loves doing most; as their name suggests — biking.

And whenever you get tired, you can always call your “relay” buddies for substitution as you rest while watching out for sneaky dogs or drooling neighbors waiting for a taste of that crispy roasted pig skin.

The best part is that you can burn some calories prior to partaking in the feast!

Bike now, bite later!

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Pang pa goodvibes ule ??Bike de lechon #wagnyonamanburahin#hahaha#RRD

Posted by Romy Badilla Certeza on Friday, January 5, 2018

The video which has reached more than 800 shares as of this article’s posting has also been featured by various Facebook pages.

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