Jasmine Curtis-Smith reminisces on first meeting with Edgar Allan Guzman: “He’s always been so welcoming and kind”

Image capture from Jasmine's IG photo
  • Jasmine Curtis Smith looks back on the first time she met Edgar Allan Guzman
  • Jasmine described Edgar as kind and welcoming
  • She praised the actor’s performance in the MMFF entry “Deadma Walking”, said he deserves the award as Best Supporting Actor

Actress Jasmine Curtis Smith shared memories with Edgar Allan Guzman via an Instagram post on Friday.

As per the social media post, she stumbled upon a photo of them while browsing through her old memory card which gave her a flashback of her first meeting with Edgar which she said was about 2011.

She described the actor as kind and welcoming especially during her first few weeks in the entertainment industry.

The actress also disclosed that the actor and Rodjun Cruz made fun of her during her early days.

Coincidentally, she watched Deadma Walking on Thursday, which stars Edgar.

“What an emotional journey that really pinched my heart!” she said.

She praised Edgar’s performance in the film; saying he’s the best and he deserves the award as Best Supporting Actor for the MMFF 2017 entry.

She used the hashtag #BestSupportingActors as she herself won the Best Supporting Actress in the same award-giving body for movie Siargao.

The actor, meanwhile, thanked the actress via a comment for her kind words and hopes to see her soon.

“Jassy!! @jascurtissmith THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!  you’re right, 2011 yan hahaha #SingkoDays salamat salamat sa support and for your kind words!! Appreciate it!! see you soon! #BestSupportingActress.”

Fans, meanwhile, shared their reactions.

“Both deserving sa kanikanilang mga awards. Congrats EA and Jas.”

“Both legit actors. These 2 can act.”

“One of the best pinoy films I’ve seen! Even deserves to be the best picture! Deadma Walking is the bomb!”

“Your film (Siargao) too, @jascurtissmith!!! Lots of love!!!! You did great!! Wanna watch it all over again…”

As of posting both films — Siargao and Deadma Walking — are still showing in theaters nationwide.