Marcos camp accuses PET of ‘bias’ after failing to secure original docs in poll protest

Image from KDN Files
  • The camp of Bongbong Marcos accused PET of being ‘biased’
  • This after PET denied their request to secure original copies of documents related to poll protest
  • Marcos’ lawyer said his client ‘has not been given justice’ in the ongoing protest

MANILA, Philippines  –  The camp of former Senator Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos has accused the Supreme Court, which is sitting as the Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET), of being ‘biased’ after failing to secure copies of the original documents related to the election protest.

The PET in a resolution made public on Thursday has allowed Marcos’ camp to get photocopies or soft copies of the decrypted ballot images, election returns and other reports related to the clustered precincts included in the three pilot provinces.

However, the PET said “custody of the official, printed and authenticated copies of the decrypted ballot images, election returns and audit logs” should remain with the tribunal.

In a statement on Thursday, Marcos’ lawyer Vic Rodriguez said the PET ruling is a ‘confirmation of bias’ of Associate Justice Benjamin Caguioa who is in charge of the poll protest.

“Senator Marcos had already made public last week the obvious bias of Justice Caguioa in his case and he said he would not be surprised if this kind of resolution would come out and he was correct. This is another clear confirmation that he is indeed biased against Senator Marcos and in favor of Mrs. Robredo,” said Rodriguez.

Rodriguez further noted PET earlier gave Robredo’s camp soft copies of the election-related documents, for which they have paid for, for free.

Marcos’ camp appealed the PET ruling but was rejected also on January 10.

“Indeed, Senator Marcos has not been given justice in his election protest,” said the lawyer.