Maria Ozawa upset over text messages she received after Uber driver ‘gave away’ her phone number

Image from Maria Ozawa's Facebook post
  • Japanese AV actress Maria Ozawa claimed to have received text messages from a certain “Ben’
  • Initially, she thought the Uber driver shared her phone number to other people
  • It turned out, however, the man who texted her is no other than the driver himself

MANILA, Philippines – Popular Japanese AV star, who now resides in the Philippines, has expressed her disappointment with an Uber driver who supposedly shared her phone number with other people who then sent her text messages.

 In a Facebook post, Ozawa called out the Uber driver for ‘giving away’ her number to friends. She said she tried calling the Uber hotline to complain but no one picked up; adding she changed her name on purpose and that is precisely to protect her privacy.

“Several times I had drivers stalk me and now drivers are giving away customers’ phone numbers? Really? I love the Philippines but why can’t I trust this country at all? Why are the people so unprofessional?” she wrote in a Facebook post that has already been deleted.

The message, according to Ozawa, came from a certain ‘Ben’ who texted her: “Sorry I just want to know your name. And things you like. Hope you won’t get mad.”

In an update, Ozawa said Uber finally contacted her to inform her that the man named ‘Ben’ who sent her messages is actually the same driver whom she thought to have shared her number. The ride-sharing network also vowed to track down Ben and “fix the issue”.

Uber also asked Ozawa to delete her previous post for which she complied, but warned she will have to sue them if it happens again.

“If people are registered or working as a professional driver they should never bring out their personal emotions,” Ozawa wrote.

“Maybe it’s hard to tell that to all the people but at least in Japan that’s how we were taught in business world. Especially when they handle something personal from their customers,” she added.