Moira Dela Torre says she’s ready to ‘settle down’ with boyfriend Jason Marvin

Image via Moira Dela Torre's Instagram account
  • Moira said she is ready to settle down with her boyfriend Jayson
  • The couple went to Subic last December to ask for the blessings of Moira’s father

Singer Moira Dela Torre shared to Push about her relationship with boyfriend Jason Marvin. When asked if she is ready to settle down with Jason, her response was honest and precise.

“Yes, of course. I was never a fan of going with the flow. It’s a waste of emotion. And it’s very crucial to think about the future when you’re investing your life and your emotions on someone,” she said.

Moira also shared that she has already introduced him to her father. As per Jayson’s Facebook post last December 17, 2017, the couple went to Subic to ask for the blessings of Moira’s dad.

Last Christmas I gave you my heart, the very next day, we drove all the way, to Subic, and met with your Dad, to ask for…

Posted by Jason Marvin on Saturday, December 16, 2017

Reminiscing one of the sweet moments of the couple, on Moira’s 24th birthday, Jason surprised her with a JS prom-themed party. She described this wonderful moment on her Facebook post: “For my 24th birthday, Jason Marvin surprised me by taking me to prom…I never got to experience prom in high school so he, with the help of our family & friends, recreated a prom night and crowned me Prom Queen.”