Netizen’s Facebook post reminds Albayanos to take care of pets from ash fall amid Mayon’s threat

Image by Eloisa Matias via Facebook post
  • A netizen’s Facebook post reminding Albayanos not to leave their pets outside while Mayon Volcano erupts is circulating on the internet
  • Along with the post are photos of a dog, believed to be helpless during an ash fall

A Facebook post on Sunday by a netizen named Eloisa Matias reminding the people of Albay to take care of their pets amid Mayon’s threats is currently circulating on the internet.

Along with the post are two photos of a dog, which is believed to be helpless during an ash fall caused by the volcano’s eruption.

However, it is not stated in her post whether the photos were taken in Albay during an ash fall. For all we know they could be for illustrative purposes only. But what’s important is the message that Miss Matias wants to convey to the people.

She wrote:

To everyone in Albay….

PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE YOUR PETS OUTSIDE! They should be indoors at all times while Mayon Volcano is erupting.

The immediate impacts of a volcanic eruption are equally devastating for plants and animals. An erupting volcano can release gases, ash and magma, a mixture of molten rock, crystals and gases.

Volcanic ash causes respiratory issues in animals. It is a painful death for them when suffocated with sulfuric ash.

It’s good that volcanic ash also kills pests, insects and mosquitoes…but please take care of your domesticated pets. Give them plenty of water to drink and wash their eyes and noses often.

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