Pres. Duterte to dismiss another top-level government official

Image capture of video by RTVM
  • Duterte will axe a top-level government official
  • The termination will be announced on January 3
  • Presidential Spokesman Harry Roque said the official is a prominent one

A ranking government official will be dismissed by President Rodrigo Duterte within the week, Presidential Spokesman Harry Roque said.

“Isang tao na naman po ang sisibakin ni Presidente [another person will be terminated by the President],” the Inquirer quoted Roque as saying during a radio interview on Monday, January 1.

The presidential spokesman said the President wanted to announce the dismissal of the official on the first day of the New Year, but he suggested deferring the announcement on January 3.

“Actually, dapat meron akong i-aanunsyo na sisibakin na naman. Ako na po ang nagdesisyon sa a-tres na ng Enero kasi gusto nga niya a-uno, ‘I-announce mo, sibak na naman,'” Roque said.

[Actually, I should be making an announcement that again someone will be terminated, but I decided to announce it instead on January 3. He (President Duterte) wanted it on January 1, “Announce it, he’s already dismissed”.]

“Eh sabi ko, ‘Huwag naman po, Mr. President. Pabayaan muna natin mag-happy new year ‘yung sisibakin. Pagdating ng January 3 saka na natin siya sisibakin,’ he added.

[I said no, Mr. President. Let us allow the one to be fired to have a happy New Year. Let’s terminate him on January 3.]

Roque said the top-level official to be sacked is a prominent one.

“The President wants to catch the big fish and not the little ones. Big fishes serve as better examples for others not to follow suit,” he said.