Rappler hits back at Duterte: You know who produces ‘fake news’

Images from PCOO/ Rappler
  • Rappler hits back at President Duterte after being called a ‘fake news outlet’
  • Rappler said the President need not look far from where he sits to know who produces ‘fake news’
  • The word war between Rappler and the President heated up after the online news website published an article accusing Go of meddling in the affairs of the AFP

MANILA, Philippines  –  After being called a ‘fake news outlet’, embattled Rappler defended itself by saying the President need not look far to know who really makes them.

Rappler’s statement came after President Rodrigo Duterte lambasted them for publishing an article which accuses Special Assistant to the President Bong Go of intervening in the purchase of two warships for the Philippine Navy in a government contract worth P15.5-B.

“The President knows who produces fake news in the Philippines, and it certainly is not Rappler. He doesn’t have to look far from where he sits in Malacañang,” Rappler said in a statement.

On Tuesday, Duterte defended Go from the allegation of supposedly meddling in the affairs of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP). The President said Rappler’s articles, including the one involving Go, were “rife with innuendos and pregnant with falsity”.

“Para sa kaalaman ninyo [For your information], you can [stop] your suspicious mind from roaming somewhere else. But since you are a fake news outlet then I am not surprised that your articles are also fake,” said the incensed Duterte.

The President also denied it had a hand in the closure order issued by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) against Rappler; saying he only has one appointee in the commission.

“Why would I have it closed? I don’t even know that son of a b**ch SEC. They are all Aquino appointees,” the President was quoted as saying.