Solons want Rody to certify as urgent transferring capital from Manila to Davao City

Image from PCOO
  • Two party-list solons want president to help fast-track bill transferring seat of gov’t
  • They explained making Davao City the capital will decongest Manila, develop the countryside

MANILA, Philippines – Two party-list solons who filed a bill transferring the seat of government power from Metro Manila to Davao City are asking President Rodrigo Duterte’s help in fast-tracking it.

According to Kabayan Reps. Ron Salo and Ciriaco Calalang, the bill would help wean the government away from “Imperial Manila” while helping to decongest the current capital.

They also said transferring the capital to Davao City would spur greater development in the countryside and the provinces.

“This Bill is our humble contribution to the laudable efforts being taken and measures being pushed by the administration to address various concerns that have significant impact to our country,” GMA News quote them as saying.

“We are hopeful that this proposed measure will be able to address existing issues that plague Philippine society and its economy, as well as create potential opportunities for progress and significant development, especially in the countryside,” they added.

If the bill becomes law, several main government institutions—including the Offices of the President and the Vice-President, the Senate, the House of Representatives, the Supreme Court, Constitutional Commissions, and the national offices of several government agencies—would be relocated to Duterte’s hometown.

The solons said Metro Manila will remain the financial capital, in keeping with the examples of both the United States and China which have separate financial and political centers.

“Transferring the seat of government and separating it from the financial centers will address the destructive effects of traffic. This will prevent heavy losses in businesses and will significantly lessen travel time which can be spent for other productive activities,” they said.