‘Tanggal Bulok, Tanggal Usok’ program gives free “taho” to worthy drivers, “subpoena” to violators

Image via Joyce Balancio's Twitter account
  • IACT conducted an inspection of jeepneys in Manila area to issue subpoena to drivers/violators
  • IACT spokesperson Aileen Lizada commended and rewarded drivers who did not violate the’ Tanggal Bulok, Tanggal Usok’ program policies with a “free taho”
  • The agency discovered more law-abiding drivers than violators in Commonwealth Ave., Quezon City

Despite the disapproval of transport groups with the PUV Modernization Program and its counterpart program “Tanggal Bulok, Tanggal Usok program”, Inter Agency Council on Traffic (IACT) remained firm with its implementation through continuous inspection of jeepneys in some areas in Manila.

IACT spokesperson Aileen Lizada led the inspection of public transportation jeepneys at Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City, on January 25, Thursday.

The agency reported that in just a few hours, they awarded a subpoena to 13 drivers who violated the policy because they were found guilty of smoke belching. Meanwhile, 3 drivers received tickets for having a defective hand-break and headlights. One driver also got reprimanded for driving without license.

On the other hand, IACT also found drivers who don’t have any violation. With this, Atty. Lizada gave a simple reward of “free taho” to 29 drivers.

The inspection was conducted simultaneously in different areas in Metro Manila. The government agency also deployed free rides for stranded passengers.

According to an ABS-CBN News story,  on Wedneday, January 24, some drivers and jeepney operators protested against “Tanggal Bulok, Tanggal Usok” program. PISTON transport group facilitated the protest. The group believes that this program made the affordable jeepney units obsolete and replaced it with overpriced new type of jeepneys.