“The world’s most beautiful face” thanks everyone for birthday wishes

Image by Liza Soberano's Instagram post
  • Born January 4, 1998, Liza Soberano turned 20 years old on Thursday
  • She was recently crowned as the bearer of “the world’s most beautiful face” by a group of British critics on its annual list of “The 100 Most Beautiful Faces” (for 2017)

Time does fly so fast. It seems like yesterday when most of us first saw her take the limelight during those Forevermore days, when she was just like 15 or 16, but now Liza is no longer a teen.

She posted on Instagram on Friday a photo of her holding her birthday cake to thank all those who greeted her on her 20th birthday.

Liza wrote: “I’m a very lucky girl to have an amazing family, great friends, and loving fans… Life has put me through many trials, but I’m able to pass and even learn from these trials each and every time thanks to the love I have for each and everyone of you.”

The day before, Liza received a heartfelt greeting from Gil, who called her his “forever.”

Last month, Liza celebrated her birthday early with charity work. It appears that it has been her tradition to spread love, to give, instead of to receive during Christmas season which is timed close to her birthday.

Image by LIZQUEN and TATAK LizQuen- Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil’s Facebook posts

And in case you wonder how she looked like through the years, here’s her transformation:

File photo