“Tummy Challenge”: Family’s inspiring 6-month weight loss journey

Image by Xyjesse's Instagram post
  • A family documented their weight-loss journey over the course of six months
  • The family’s son intentionally gained weight so he could inspire his father as they lose weight together, and eventually, his mom joined in

With small steps and a great support system, Jesse Ding, 32, a photographer from Xiamen, Fujian, China and his family have spent the months transforming their bodies through diet and exercise.

Jesse used his photography skills to document his family’s progress with side-by-side photos and posted them on Instagram.

“I wanted to help him [father] to get healthy again, so I purposely put on 10kg so that we could take the journey together. The photos were to help show him the progress we were making,” he said in an article by INSIDER.

The change in their health routines started when Ding’s parents moved in to help his pregnant wife. Ding began bonding more with his father, and they got each other as the main motivation for getting their health on track.

The father-and-son bonding moments included running and then lifting weights in the gym to put on muscle.

Using photos, Jesse tracked every 10 days with body measurements and when their mom saw the results, she joined in with the activities.

The initial challenge was just supposed to last from March to September, but the family is planning to keep their way of healthy living.

Jesse’s best advice for families who also want to create healthy habits:

  • Focus on healthy eating as a unit.
  • “First, you have to commit to it. You cannot just say you want to, you must mean it… then you must do it with love. Regular exercise, controlling your diet, and supporting each other is important,” he said.
  • Home cooked, not fast food… “this helps a lot I think,” he said.

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