[VIDEO] Dra. Vicki Belo disciplines Scarlet for shouting at and disrespecting house employees

Image via Vicky Belo's Instagram account
  • Dra. Vicki Belo showed in her video uploaded on Instagram the way she disciplines Scarlet
  • The celebrity mom calmly asked her daughter to say sorry to their house employees for shouting at them
  • Scarlet willingly asked for forgiveness and said she won’t do it again

It is of great importance to be consistent when it comes to disciplining kids. If parents fail to stick by the rules and consequences they’re imposing, chances are kids won’t learn to be responsible for their actions.

Keep in mind though that you need to have a warm and loving relationship with your kids, so that they’ll want to obey you. Let’s take celebrity doctor, Vicki Belo, as an example in showing us a disciplinary approach to her daughter’s bad behavior.

In a video Dra. Vicki shared on her Instagram account, she can be heard disciplining Scarlet Snow Belo for disrespecting their house employees.

“Teaching @scarletsnowbelothe importance of saying sorry when she does something wrong to other people . Good evening, everyone,” she captioned her post.

She calmly asked her daughter to say sorry to them. Cute Scarlet was then quick to ask for forgiveness for shouting at them, and said she won’t do it again.

Discipline shouldn’t be equated with punishment. It should, in fact, help your children to assess situations and understand why apology matters. Disciplining our kids early in life helps in their value-formation.