Watch: Man miraculously evades multiple close-range gunshots from drinking buddy

  • Man miraculously avoided fatal gunshots to the head in heated argument with drinking buddy
  • He later told police chief he was lucky to have survived the ordeal
  • Police are currently hunting for the suspect

MANILA, Philippines  –  CCTV footage has captured the moment a man miraculously evaded several gunshots to the head from his drinking buddy during an altercation.

According to the police, the victim — Sonny Operio — and the suspect — Rodrigo Malicdem— were drinking together in Brgy. Tatalon, Quezon City on early morning Monday when the two suddenly engaged in a heated argument.

While a woman eventually separated the two, Malicdem brought out his gun and shot Operio in the head while the latter had his back turned to him.

Fortunately, he only managed to graze Operio in the nape due to the woman slapping his arm away.

Instead of escaping, however, the victim tried to hit back at Malicdem who at this point also shot but failed to hit the former several times.

Their fight eventually led them inside an alley, after which Operio then reappeared along the main road and finally ran for it after noticing his injuries.

Police Superintendent Igmedio Bernaldez of Galas-PNP said Operio only suffered superficial wounds and abrasions caused by his falling on a divider.

“Nagpasalamat nga siya dahil pangalawang buhay na niya ito. Unang putok tinamaan siya sa batok eh daplis lang. Suwerte rin niya hindi siya napuruhan, sabi niya nakakarinig din daw siya ng ibang putok siguro baka hindi lang siya tinamaan,” he told GMA News.

[He is thankful because this is his second life. The first shot him in the nape but it was only a graze. He’s also lucky he wasn’t killed, he said he heard many gunshots but he wasn’t hit by them.]

Authorities are currently hunting down Malicdem who remains at large.

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GMA News, YouTube