10 dead, 180 others affected by diarrhea in Palawan – Report

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  • The diarrhea cases in Balabac town have reportedly taken the lives of 10 residents while 180 others are being treated
  • The RHU did not declare an “outbreak” but they are in big need of additional medical workforce and transportation

The death toll on diarrhea cases in Balabac, Palawan has already reached 10, according to the province’ rural health unit (RHU) as of 5 p.m. Friday.

Around 180 people were also brought to RHU and several hospitals and clinics due to the sickness.

It is suspected that the disease sprung from the water from some deep wells that were contaminated by the floods brought by recent typhoons including Vinta.

Based from several water testing, samples from the town’s deep wells showed positive in a high number of different kinds of bacteria.

Other residents of the Balabac islands also struggle for medication due to transportation, but somehow were able to get hold of medical supplies.

The RHU cancelled declaring a diarrhea outbreak because the situation is now under control.

But the RHU said they are in desperate need of additional medical workforce to attend to the needs of the islanders and for transportation purposes..