10-year-old girl escapes kidnappers

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  • A 10-year-old girl escaped kidnappers, according to a police report
  • The girl got away after the abductors took off her blindfold and went outside the van
  • She said she stabbed one of the suspects using a ballpen

MANDALUYONG CITY  —  A ten-year-old girl managed to save herself from kidnappers, as per a GMA News story on Wednesday.

According to the victim, she got away from the abductors after they removed her blindfold and went outside the van. Using a ballpen, she likewise said she stabbed one of the suspects before her escape.

The Eastern Police District’s initial investigation disclosed the victim was on her way home on Monday when the suspects riding a van stopped beside the girl and forced her to enter the vehicle.

She was reportedly dragged into the vehicle while the suspects put a scented handkerchief covering her mouth and nose which made her feel dizzy. The kidnappers purportedly blindfolded her.

The police are still conducting an investigation regarding the incident.


Abduction is a terrifying experience. Here are steps to survive from an abduction or hostage situation based on a WikiHow post.

  1. Attempt to thwart the abduction.
  2. Regain your composure.
  3. Be observant.
  4. Try to ascertain why you have been abducted.
  5. Keep a survival attitude.
  6. Put your captor at ease.
  7. Keep your dignity.
  8. Attempt to establish a rapport with your abductor.
  9. Avoid insulting your abductor or talking about potentially sensitive subjects.
  10. Be a good listener.
  11. Try to communicate with other captives.
  12. Keep track of time and try to discern patterns.
  13. Stay mentally active.
  14. Stay physically active.
  15. Ask for a small favor.
  16. Blend in.
  17. Watch out for warning signs.
  18. Try to escape only if the time is right.
  19. Stay out of the way is a rescue attempt is made.
  20. Follow the rescuer’s instructions carefully.

Moreover, here’s a YouTube video from Fight SCIENCE of self-defense you can do during abduction:

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