12-year-old boy accidentally swallows ball bearing magnets which rips a hole in his stomach

Image capture of video via NEWS UPDATE's YouTube account
  • Freddie Webster, 12, nearly died after swallowing toy ball bearings
  • The boy had to undergo life-saving surgery after the magnetic balls pulled towards each other, ripping a hole in his stomach 
  • He is now in recovery, but admits he is worried this could happen to other children

Parents of a 12-year-old boy warned about new playground magnet game after their son, 12, almost died after swallowing ball bearings.

Yorkshire schoolboy Freddie Webster had to undergo a life-saving surgery after the tiny magnetic balls slowly pulled towards each other inside him over five days; gradually ripping a hole in the wall of his stomach.

According to Metro, surgeons at Hull Royal Infirmary were forced to remove 10cm of his small intestine in order to save his life on February 3.

Freddie had accidentally swallowed four 3mm-diameter magnets as part of a “game” with friends where he tested ‘magnetic pull’ by putting a magnet inside one cheek and another outside.

The magnets have become a craze among kids who use them as pretend piercings, but don’t think of the dangers. They put them in their noses, and even in their eyelids.

His mother Sarah Webster is now warning fellow parents of the dangers and Freddie’s school has already banned those items.

Freddie is now in recovery, but admits he is worried this could happen to other children.