Arci Muñoz shares what she is up to these days – vlog, cookbook, and a new TV series

Image via Arci Muñoz's Instagram account
  • Arci Muñoz shared about her upcoming romantic-comedy TV soap with Kapamilya hunk Piolo Pascual
  • The singer-actress also revealed about her plans to start a vlog, where she will feature her band and celebrity life including her travels and other interests
  • The 28-year-old actress also proudly announced that she will soon release her “hugot” cookbook

The blooming actress, Arci Muñoz , excitedly shared about her upcoming projects and career plans in her interview with PUSH.

The 28-year-old actress said she is currently shooting for a TV soap “No Ordinary Love” with her fellow Kapamilya star Piolo Pascual. She also revealed that this project will be different from her previous TV shows because it isn’t a heavy drama but a romantic comedy.

Aside from her new showbiz project, Arci also wanted to do vlogging. The Kapamilya actress said that she would probably share information about her rock band, make-up tutorials, travel, and her celebrity life in her vlogs.

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In addition, Arci also mentioned that she is doing a cookbook for the broken-hearted under ABS-CBN Publishing. Her cookbook will feature 30 delightful recipes personally selected by her, who is also known to be a good cook and a foodie.

The actress was so ecstatic about the release of her cookbook because most of the recipes were made by her. It wouldn’t just be an ordinary cookbook since it will also include “hugot” lines prepared by her co-authors.  Arci was hoping that her “hugot” cookbook and soap will be released at the same time.

Here’s a glimpse of her culinary creation which she shared on her IG account: