Armed man on roof of pharmacy killed by cops in GenSan

  • An armed man on top of a pharmacy’s roof was killed by cops when he drew his firearm
  • The police suspect that the still unidentified man was a member of a robbery group

An unidentified man was killed by cops Wednesday early morning at Barangay Lagao, General Santos City.

According to residents, they were shocked upon hearing the gunfire/s.

Chief Insp. Peter Pinalgan, chief of Police Station 3 of General Santos City Police, said they received a report that a suspicious man was on top of a roof of a pharmacy in the area.

When the cops responded at the scene, they saw the man and vice versa.

The man drew his gun and the police were forced to open fire.

Retrieved from the dead man was a black bag containing tools to pierce a roof and a gun.

The police speculates that the man is a member of a robbery group but they still need more concrete evidence.

The identity of the man is yet to be found out.

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