British couple claims avocados cured their 5-year-old daughter’s seizures

Image capture of video via Inside Edition's YouTube account
  • Leafy Liu started to have seizures at the age of 6 months
  • Seizures did not stop as she grew older, despite different medications and lifestyle changes
  • Parents now claim two avocados a day stopped their daughter’s seizures

Leafy Liu had her first seizure at just 6 months old, but her parents, Claire and Justin, believed her episodes wouldn’t last through her childhood. Unfortunately, the seizures persisted.

Leafy sometimes had up to 60 episodes per day, leaving her parents to treat her with different drugs and pharmaceuticals.

The family went as far as moving from their home country of England to Perth, Australia — believing that the warmer climate would help her condition.

After all else failed, the couple incorporated more healthy fats into their diets after researching that high-fat, low-carb diets can prevent epileptic shocks from triggering.

After eating approximately 3,000 avocados throughout the course of her life, Leafy is now 5 years old and only suffers around 4 seizures per year!

“It’s a miracle. Almost as soon as she started on the diet, she felt fit, happy, healthier, more relaxed — everything you’d want for your little girl,” Justin told Inside Edition.