British national under probe for organizing nude carabao rides in Siargao Island

Image from Siargao Surf
  • A British national who organized the Drunken Carabao Tour in Siargao Island is under investigation
  • A photo showing the British national and two other foreign tourists in the nude created a public stir
  • The British expat has since apologized and has taken down the photos from his social media pages

A British national is being investigated after a photo of him and two other Caucasians that were posted on a social media site caused a public stir.

As per Minda News, Marlon Coro, president of the Provincial Councilors’ League, ordered an investigation into the activity of Liam Cox who organized the Drunken Carabao Tour where tourists were made to pay P1000 per head for a carabao ride. The ride comes with free alcoholic drinks.

Local residents complained to Coro after they saw on a social media site a photograph that showed a nude Cox and two naked foreign nationals while riding a water buffalo.

Cox has since apologized and had already taken down the photo from the social media site.

“In light of recent events, it has come to our attention that some of the photos from our Carabao Ride that were posted on our social media pages caused quite a public stir. We sincerely apologize to anyone whose decency and good custom may have been offended. The ones we posted were behind-the-scenes photos of a shoot in the mountains with our friend who is an international tattoo model. No private parts or any indecent pose were shown. Rest assured, consent was given by all participants across all angles of this happenstance. All photos have now been taken down. Again, we are sorry if you felt slighted,” he said.

The controversial photo can be seen in Caraga News Carrier website.