“Bukas-kotse” thief’s attempt to steal from SUV caught on CCTV

Image capture of vide by GMA News
  • A “bukas-kotse” thief in Bulacan was caught on CCTV
  • The thief failed to steal anything as he was startled by a pedestrian
  • The Sta. Maria Police said the suspect is a notorious “bukas-kotse” perpetrator

A thief’s attempt to steal valuables that could be inside a sports utility vehicle (SUV) in Bulacan was caught by a closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera installed in front of house where the vehicle was parked.

The CCTV footage shared by GMA News showed the “bukas-kotse” thief prying open the sliding quarter glass window at the SUV’s rear portion in a bid to reach the lock of the rear side door to open it. The thief, however, was unable to open the side door; alarmed by a pedestrian walking past the vehicle.

The thief, a notorious “bukas-kotse” perpetrator according to Sta. Maria Police, immediately left the van without getting any valuables. CCTV footage later showed him wearing a cap and sunglasses to cover his face.

The owner of the SUV, a certain Rochelle Jardin, believes there is a big chance that the suspect could be located as his face was caught on camera. She said she did not leave any valuables inside her vehicle.

A car accessories shop owner said the sliding quarter glass window is the “Achilles heels” or weakness of SUVs as it’s easy to be pried open. He said there is currently no security upgrade for the quarter glass windows locks.