Cellphone saves police officer from death

Image from TV Asahi
  • A police officer escaped death because of his mobile phone
  • Two suspects fired at the cop while he was calling his wife
  • The bullet first hit the phone before grazing the cop’s face

A police officer in Pagadian City said his cellular phone saved him from a major injury or perhaps even death when two men onboard a motorcycle fired at him.

The cop, Senior Police Officer 4 (SPO4) Carlos Omentic told the Inquirer that he was driving his motorcycle on his way to the city police station at around 7 p.m. on Tuesday, February 13, when the assailants suddenly appeared and fired at him.

The bullet first hit Omentic’s cellphone before grazing his face.

SPO4 Omentic recounted that while driving his motorcycle, he decided to call his wife to tell her he forgot to bring his reading glasses and left it at home. It was at the precise moment when he was using the mobile phone that one of the suspects fired at him.

Omentic managed to fire back at the suspects who escaped.

“The bullet’s impact injured the policeman near his right ear,” Supt. Benito Recopuerto, city police chief, said on Wednesday, February 14.

Fifteen slugs from 9-millimeter pistol and caliber .45 pistol were recovered in the area by the police’s Scene of the Crime Operative.

The police are trying to determine the identities and the motive of the suspects.