Differently-abled person’s rendition of “Dance With My Father” pulls netizens’ heartstrings

Image capture of video by Philippines Trending Social Media's Facebook post
  • A video of an armless man effortlessly singing “Dance With My Father” went viral a few years ago and resurfaced online
  • The netizens adore him and expressed how emotional they have become upon hearing the song

For others he may seem physically challenged, but he definitely got his spirit well-managed.

Perhaps that is why many netizens adore him, because despite his condition, he smiles a lot and was able to share his talent and good vibes to the world.

In a video shared on Friday by Facebook page Philippines Trending Social Media is an armless man effortlessly singing Luther Vandross’ “Dance With My Father”.

The video which was already viewed more than 100,000 times captured the hearts of netizens because basing from their comments, it’s quite a touching scene to see a physically challenged but happy man, adding to the fact that the song itself pinches the heart of every daddy’s child, no matter how old.

The original video which now have 3.9M views was uploaded by netizen Evie Malabanan-Mendoza on January 25, 2015.

At video time (-1:00) the man on the video also acted like a radio DJ, saying the words “Davao City” twice which gives us an idea that we might need the help of Davaoeños to locate and identify the guy, to help him get the recognition and opportunities he deserve. Somebody know him?