Elmo Magalona admits growing closeness with Janella Salvador amid her mom’s disapproval

Image via Elmo Magalona's Instagram account
  • Elmo Magalona admits that his relationship with Janella Salvador is growing stronger
  • This despite the apparent dislike of Janella Salvador’s mom towards him

The love team of Elmo Magalona and Janella Salvador has been talked about lately because of their upcoming movie and people have noticed that there’s something different about their relationship.

According to Elmo, he and Janella are happier and more open with each other now.

However, the 23-year-old actor acknowledged that he’s not allowed to be in an exclusive relationship with Janella yet. He said he wants to be more expressive with his feelings towards her.

Elmo added that he hopes Janella is aware of how he feels for her. He makes sure to tell her about it but he believes that there should also be action. He is hoping that the actress sees his efforts.

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It can be recalled that Janella’s mom, Janine Desiderio, is apparently against ElNella’s close relationship. However, despite this, Elmo and Janella, only seem to have grown closer to each other.

In an interview with Pep last week during the press conference for their upcoming film, My Fairy Tail Love Story, he shared how everyday he gets the chance to know Janella better and admitted the fact that the more he does, the stronger he feels for her.

When asked whether the apparent dislike of Janella’s mom on their relationship affects them, he quickly denied and said, “It’s part of her life. No matter what Janella goes through in life, I’ll support her.”

Their movie, My Fairy Tail Love Story, under Regal Entertainment, will be showing in theaters nationwide on February 14; just in time for Valentine’s Day. Don’t forget to watch!

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