Funeral Home offers free pizza to entice customers on pre-planning their funerals

Image capture via Fox6Now and Mark Krause YouTube account
  • Funeral home uses pizza to attract customers in pre-planning their funerals
  • Invitees said the “pizza party concept” help them open up about d***h
  • Organizers claim pre-planning will save people thousands as service prices continue to go up

A funeral home in Wisconsin is attracting customers to discuss pre-planning funeral services with free slices of pizza!

Krause Funeral Home hosted an event on Tuesday, January 30, in Brookfield, Wisconsin, offering invitees free pizza to discuss pre-planning funeral services.

Organizers say that pre-planning could save folks thousands of dollars in the long run, especially as experts speculate the price of funeral services will likely double in the next 15 years.

“These funeral products are put into a trust. They are in the name of the person who takes them out. Let’s say they move to Florida or Arizona—it goes with them,” Krause said.

“You buy your funeral today, and we guarantee you will get your service and merchandise without any added expenses in the future,” Krause said.

Invitees say that they feel more comfortable about planning ahead because of the whole “pizza party concept”, and hopefully, slice their expenses.

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