Guest unexpectedly gives birth in a Thai wedding ceremony

Image via The Nation/Asia News Network

• Ms. Nattaporn Teskrit, a friend of the bride, unexpectedly gave birth during the wedding ceremony
• She gave birth to a healthy baby girl under the shade of a tree with the help of medical officers
• Though the wedding was interrupted, the bride was happy for her friend and congratulated her for her new baby

In a wedding, we usually witness two hearts joining as one for love. But last Saturday, February 24, in a wedding in Thailand, many were surprised after witnessing one of the guests giving birth unexpectedly!

Ms. Nattaporn Teskrit is a friend of the bride, Mayuree Kumchanteuk, who invited her for a special occasion, as per a story posted by AsiaOne.

Ms. Nattaporn was nearly nine months pregnant during the ceremony which was held at Nakhon Ratchasima city’s Sikhiu district, in northeast Thailand on Saturday.

The bride was waiting for the arrival of the dowry procession when Ms. Nattaporn suddenly went into labor. The guests were shocked but they managed to take action to help Ms. Nattaporn and moved her under a tree.

They tried to call rescue workers to transfer Ms. Nattaporn to a nearby hospital but she was already in the process of giving birth. Ms. Nattaporn successfully gave birth to a bouncing baby girl weighing 3.2 kg. Thanks to the help of medical officers.

Image via The Nation/Asia News Network

Even though the wedding was interrupted, the bride was happy for her friend. She congratulated her and even took a photo together with the baby. Ms. Nattaporn was later taken to a hospital for further medical care.

Image via The Nation/ Asia News Network