Heartbroken? Kisses tweets ‘I wish people won’t say ‘I love you’ unless they mean it’

Images via @kissesdelavin's Instagram account
  • Former Pinoy Big Brother housemate Kisses Delavin posts a ‘hugot’ on Twitter 
  • Delavin wished people would not say ‘I love you’ so easily
  • Hundreds of Twitter users replied to her tweet

Former Pinoy Big Brother housemate Kisses Delavin posted a “hugot” on Twitter; making hundreds of social media users wonder about how she feels at the moment.

These hands could hold the world but it would never be enough?

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“Why is it that some people say ‘I love yous’ so easily? I wish people won’t say it unless they mean it. Let’s not waste other people’s time. Set them free. Don’t say ‘I love you’, if heartache is the only thing you want to give them,” Delavin tweeted.

Hundreds of Twitter users replied to her tweet; leaving kind words and advice.

“I love you, Kisses… and i mean it,” expressed @Porpolista.

“Kisses, you may not know me personally but I promise to love you every day and mean it. I won’t ask for anything in return. Makita ka lang na masaya at malaya, sapat na,” replied @kdelavinfangirl.

“There will always be people who show love in different ways. They can be showy, loud, silent. But here’s what you can do love, look beyond what is not shown. Listen beyond the silence & loudness. Use your gut & instinct, they never lie whether s/he is true,” @superkdkd wrote.

“Hello, Baby Girl. Sad reality may ganon talaga their ‘I Love You’ is equivalent to ‘Hi’. Hehe. Just always learn to guard your heart. Especially in showbiz u will meet people wearing a mask, be tough, and guard ur heart. The right time will always come in God’s time,” said @MomShieArts.

“Reality of life, Kisses. How else you will pass on wisdom without ever experiencing difficulties in life? No one is spared from heartache. Sometimes we hurt our love ones too without our intention or beyond our control. So why focus? Why not live to enjoy the gift deemed life?” @yna86184476 tweeted.

As of posting, Delavin remains silent regarding such tweet.