Hero Angeles’ realistic miniature food art features Filipino cuisine: How many can you guess?

Image by Hero Angeles' ARTCETERO Instagram and Facebook posts
  • Hero Angeles has been creating hyper-realistic miniature food made of polymer clay and we challenge you to name them all
  • The Fiipino actor, for those who don’t know yet, took up Fine Arts at U.P. and became an artist
  • Creating miniature paintings and tiny 3D objects are just a few of his vast artistic hobbies and skills
  • “Hero” lives up by his name as he donates for charity and shares his talent to young minds

For those who wonder whatever happened to Sandara Park’s partner Hero Angeles after his absence on TV for quite a long time, he studied Fine Arts at the University of the Philippines and has since been very busy with his artwork. He developed a vast pool of artistic skill and creating miniature paintings and tiny 3D objects seem to be his recent favorite.

Through art, Hero gives aid to charities and shares his talent by conducting workshops that are open to all ages. Not only that, he was able to showcase to the world the best of Filipino cuisine. A true “hero” in his own way.

We gathered photos of his miniature food creations and made a collection here featuring tatak-pinoy meals and snacks.

We challenge you to guess all 15 of them without looking at the captions. Don’t forget to tell us your score at the comments section:

(All images are from Hero Angeles’ ARTCETERO official Instagram and Facebook Accounts)