IED found in Davao City ahead of the scheduled anti-terrorism exercises

Image from Task Force Davao
  • A suspicious bag was found near a bridge leading to the Davao City proper
  • The bag yielded an improvised explosive device
  • The recovered IED was similar to the ones being used by the NPAs

A suspicious bag found along the road leading to Davao City proper yielded an improvised explosive device (IED) on Thursday morning, February 8.

As per Minda News, a press release from Task Force Davao (TFD) said local residents reported to TFD’s Explosive and Ordnance Disposal and K-9 Team the suspicious bag found at about 1.2 kilometers away from the TFD checkpoint in Barangay Lasang and 50 meters away from a footbridge leading to the city.

The EOD immediately cordoned off the area after the K9 dog sat near the bag, an indication that the bag probably contained explosives.

“The said item was safely recovered and is now in the possession of TFD EOD/K9 for proper disposition,” Task Force Davao commander Colonel Nolasco Mempin said, adding the IED is similar to those used by the New People’s Army when conducting ambuscades or attacks against government authorities.

“We are still determining the possible motive but since it is an IED which the NPA uses, maybe it is intended for our uniformed personnel,” Mempin said.

The discovery of the explosive device came as Davao City is preparing for a series of anti-terror exercises dubbed as “Southern Storm Drills” that will commence on February 28.