Man suffering from heart attack throws cash to passers-by to get their attention

Image via KAIXIAN.TV
  • A man who was to buy train tickets to visit his sick mother suddenly suffered a heart attack in a railway station in China
  • Losing his strength to talk, he then threw some cash to passers-by to get their attention that he needed help
  • Luckily, a policeman noticed him and helped him to get his medication

A man suddenly suffered heart attack outside a railway station in Hebei province in China last Saturday, February 24, as per a story posted by Straits Times.

Identified as Mr. Li in local news, he was going to the Shijiazhuang railway station to buy a train ticket to visit his sick mother when he was suddenly overcome with chest pain.

During the heart attack, Li did not have enough strength to open the bottle of emergency pills or talk to ask for help. To save himself from the extreme pain he was experiencing, he decided to throw cash to people passing by to get their attention.

Mr. Li having trouble with heart attack threw cash to get attention. Photo: KAIXIAN.TV

Luckily, by his brilliant technique, a nearby police officer saw him and offered help.

“I initially thought he was probably drunk. It was only after I walked closer that I realised that things were more serious than that,” police officer Lin Xiangshen said as disclosed by South China Morning Post.

Officer Lin said that Mr. Li had been rummaging in his backpack when Li suddenly fell and was holding a bottle of pills.

Thanks to Officer Lin, Mr Li managed to receive his medication and was attended to by medical staff, who ensured that his blood pressure is normal before allowing him to leave.