Mikael Daez shares what it’s like working with girlfriend Megan Young

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  • Couple Mikael Daez and Megan Young are cast together in a ‘teleserye’
  • He admitted there are positive and negative effects of working with his real-life girlfriend Megan Young
  • The pair has not done anything heavy yet but he told the press that he’s excited about it

Real life couple Mikael Daez and Megan Young stars in GMA-7’s newest afternoon series ‘The Stepdaughters‘. It started airing last February 12 on the network’s Afternoon Prime block.

Mixing personal and professional life isn’t always an easy task so Mikael shared both the advantages and disadvantages of it.

In an interview with PEP during the press conference for ‘The Stepdaughters’, he explained that it’s a disadvantage if they are undergoing real problems as a couple. He added it’s going to be hard, and they will need to set it aside for a while.

For the advantage, he said that if there’s any problem, they can talk about it personally which is something he couldn’t do to other co-actors to respect boundaries.

He used one of their first scenes together as an example of a disadvantage wherein Megan had to throw her shoe at him. Megan didn’t want to throw her shoe his way for fear of hurting him but he insisted that she should and that he could handle it. In the end, the scene turned out great.

The 30-year-old actor shared that he has yet to do heavy scenes with Megan but he’s sure that it’ll come soon and they are both more excited than nervous.

According to him, this wasn’t the first project offered to them as a couple but this was the only time that everything really fell into place.

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