On UP students and protests: Netizen shares mom’s ‘savage’ reply to ‘amiga’ who criticized his ‘radical post’

Image by @Antonthefighter's Tweet
  • A mother shared on Facebook how she would react if she found out her 16-year-old daughter was in the streets protesting against the government
  • Her post became viral and received a lot of reactions
  • A netizen strongly reacted to that post and shared his own opinions on social media, got criticized by his mom’s amiga
  • The netizen’s mother defended him via a ‘savage’ reply to the amiga

Last Saturday, Mrs. Tan, a mother, posted on Facebook about how she would react if she found out that her child was protesting against the government.

Mrs. Tan said in her post that as long as her 16-year-old daughter could not support herself for daily needs, the child needs to live by their principles and political beliefs. “UNTIL you can feed yourself, clothe yourself, pay for your schooling, and put a roof over your own head, THIS IS OUR life, OUR principles, and OUR political opinions,” she said.

She also called on UP students’ parents who have the same thinking with her that they know what to do. Mrs. Tan wrote in caps: YOU PROTECT YOUR OWN!

Because if some harm happens to their children, no president of any organization they belong to, no political “mentors” of theirs would be there to pick up the pieces of their then shattered lives, said Mrs. Tan.

Read Mrs. Tan’s full FB post:

Meawnhile, Twitter user @antonthefighter strongly criticized Mrs. Tan’s post and shared his thoughts on the issue on his own Facebook account. He said what Mrs. Tan does is not parenting, but brainwashing and dictatorship.

But @antonthefighter‘s mother has an “amiga” who saw his reaction post and sent a message to his mom: “Amiga, nakita mo na ba ‘yung FB post ng anak mong aktibista sa UP? Napaka-rebelde mag-isip baka sa susunod kayo suwagin niyan.”  [Friend, have you seen your activist son’s FB post? He’s got such a rebellious mind and next time he might turn to you].

The mom replied that it’s fine because her son thinks of what is right for the country and that UP passers are radical thinkers, but that he is still kind and respectful towards the family.

The mother then followed up a question for her amiga:

“Kamusta pala ‘yung anak mo? Balita ko 3 na anak sa iba-ibang babae tapos hindi pa nakakapagtapos ng pag-aaral? Kawawa naman ‘no. Ka-edad lang yun ng aktibista kong anak sa UP di’ba? Sana hindi sumasakit ulo mo sa kanya.” 

[How’s your son by the way? Is it true he fathered three children from different women and haven’t finished school yet? What a pity. He’s same age with my activist UP student right? I hope he doesn’t give you headaches.]

The amiga simply replied with “K”, which got an “L” response.

Read @antonthefighter’s full tweet: