PHIVOLCS equipment near Mayon missing again

Image by PHIVOLCS' Facebook post
  • PHIVOLCS’ solar panels and batteries in one of its hydrology stations have been reported missing
  • Last month, several equipments of the agency were also reported stolen

Several equipment of the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS) that helps to monitor Mayon Volcano’s activities were discovered missing at its hydrology station at Barangay Padang.

The padlock of the aluminum container was destroyed, two batteries and two solar panels were gone when the agency’s personnel arrived at the scene.

According to Legazpi PHIVOLCS resident volcanologist Ed Laguerta, they put up a hydrology station at Barangay Padang to monitor the water level at the foot of Mayon which is relevant in monitoring the volcano’s activities.

The missing items were estimated to cost approximately P35,000.

Last month, the agency’s solar panel and batteries were also reported stolen at Barangay Padang.

PHIVOLCS made sure that the incident will not totally affect their overall monitoring.

They have installed other hydrology stations around the volcano.

The agency calls on the public to help in protecting the equipment that they install because its use is for the benefit of all.