Photo of toddler crawling in the middle of the road goes viral

Image via Kittithorn Jadaeng's Facebook account
  • Kittithorn Jadaeng’s post showing a baby crawling in the middle of the road went viral
  • He found out that the mother was out while the father was sleeping

Kittithorn Jadaeng, a Thai school teacher was on his way to Banmai Klong-angwa School in Ban Rai district for the Ordinary National Educational Test when he spotted  a toddler crawling right in the middle of the road in Uthai Thani.

He later found out that the child had freely crawled out of the house while the father was sleeping soundly and the mother was out somewhere.

Kittithorn took photos of the incident and uploaded them on Facebook.

“The baby was almost in the middle of the road and if a car had been speeding past that spot while the baby was there, I don’t want to imagine what would have happened,” he captioned his post.

His intention of documenting the scene, however, was to remind parents to be more cautious in attending to their children.

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