Pregnant woman hit by stray bullet as riding-in-tandem k**l ex-drug suspect in Caloocan

Image capture of video by GMA News via YouTube, Wikimedia Commons
  • A pregnant woman was accidentally hit by a stray bullet when unidentified men on a motorcycle assasinated their target
  • The target, who was formerly on the drug watch list, died on spot while the pregnant woman was brought to a hospital

A pregnant woman was accidentally hit by a strat bullet when unknown men on a motorcycle rained gunfire on their target who’s a former drug suspect.

Gilbert Estabillo, the victim, was just walking outside his residence at Sunflower Street when the murderers aboard a vehicle without plate number as seen on CCTV footage caught up with him.

According to Estabillo’s wife, she can’t think of a motive for the killing other than the fact that her husband was previously on the drug watch list of the community.

A pregnant woman, Jennylyn Calimlim, was also hit.

Calimlim was already on the ninth month of her pregnancy at the time.

She was immediately brought to a hospital and had to undergo a cesarean section after the incident.

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GMA News, YouTube