PSG chief may face probe over remark on Rappler reporter incident

Image capture from Rappler video via Facebook
  • The AFP is planning to subject the PSG commander to a probe
  • This after the PSG chief refused to apologize over his controversial remark pertaining to an incident with Rappler reporter
  • Defense chief earlier condemned the remark as ‘uncalled for’ and ‘off the mark’

MANILA, Philippines  –  The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) is eyeing to launch an investigation on Presidential Security Group (PSG) chief Brigadier General Lope Dagoy over his remark during an incident in Malacañang involving his men and a female Rappler journalist.

In an interview with reporters on Wednesday, Brig. Gen. Bienvinido Datuin said they are currently ‘hearing both sides’ and vowed transparency in the investigation, should it push through.

“There’s no inquiry just yet but we are… closely coordinating with General Dagoy, you know, regarding what really happened, what transpired. We’re just waiting for higher headquarters what their decision would be regarding this matter,” said Datuin.

Datuin also admitted Dagoy may have his reasons for making the remark and it was a decision he made as the commander who is concerned over the welfare of his own men.

“Let’s just say that Gen. Dagoy also has his reasons. We’ll just wait for the decisions of the higher headquarters,” the military official added.

“Uncalled” for behavior

Earlier, Defense chief Delfin Lorenzana said Dagoy’s remark on the incident involving Rappler reporter Pia Ranada was uncalled for and “off the mark”.

Lorenzana was referring to the text message Dagoy sent to Ranada; saying she should be thankful the PSG soldier didn’t hit her for alleged bullying. The PSG was also quoted as saying he will ban Ranada from the Malacañang complex next time.

Rappler has condemned Dagoy for his “conduct unbecoming of an officer” and demanded an apology from the PSG commander but the latter refused.

“Whatever the Rappler’s offense the PSG had no right to harm Rappler’s people nor threaten them,” said Lorenzana.