Soldiers’ Love in the Midst Of War: Radioman proposes to combat medic/sniper

Image capture of video by 33rd Infantry Makabayan Battalion's Facebook post
  • Cpl. Denemar Albani popped the question “will you marry me” to Pvt. Christine Porcadilla while their team was resting during a patrol in the middle of a forest
  • She said yes, the commander of the unit immediately signed the couple’s permit to marry and the couple are set to get married in front of the altar on April

The proposal

While other couples date on hearts’ day in fancy restaurants and clothing, two brave soldiers celebrated love on the eve of Valentine’s Day with blisters on their feet, clothes soaked in rainwater wearing their biggest smiles in the middle of a jungle.

But one of them needed to be more brave than the others, as Cpl. Denemar Albani, a radioman, popped “the question” to his girlfriend, combat medic/sniper Pvt. Christine Porcadilla while their team was resting in the middle of a forest in Barangay Titulok, Bagumbayan, Sultan Kudarat.

Their comrades from the 33rd Infantry Battalion snappily but cheerfully held placards written with words ‘Will you marry me’ as Denemar knelt and asked for Christine’s hand.
Well, Christine said yes. But she has yet to get over her surprise how Denemar chose the battlefield as a site for his marriage proposal, and in the middle of an operation.
The courtship
Christine, a native of Sultan Kudarat, first caught Denemar’s eye as early as 2014; when she was just a new member of the Citizens Armed Forces Geographical Unit (CAFGU) in her province.

“I saw her there and I love everything about her,” Denemar, a native of Zamboanga City, recalled.

“She always makes me smile,” he said; adding that “She jokes a lot. She’s very thoughtful. I was touched by her honesty, so I gave her a chocolate, a bar of Snickers.” 

Christine said in an article by  The Inquirer that Denemar’s chocolate gift was “just a token of friendship.” But she admitted she was already drawn to him. “He’s so handsome,” she said.

But due to their sworn oath and duties, the two had to be separated at some time.

“I thought I lost everything I felt for her when we lost communication for a long time. But when I saw her, I was determined to make her my wife,” Denemar said.

The wedding

The commander of the unit, Lt. Col. Harold Cabunoc, immediately signed the couple’s permit to marry, after reviewing that both completed the requirements including the Cenomar (certificate of no marriage) set by the Philippine Army.

The lovers are altar-bound on April 28.

Being of the “right” age, Denemar, 27, and Christine, 26, both have fought for the government against Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF), New People’s Army (NPA), and several drug syndicates, according to the military.

Denemar said he would respect his future wife’s decision if she wants to stay in the military. “What is important is we love each other,” he said.

Their commander reminded them that married life is not easy, given the situation that both of them are soldiers. The official told them they must respect each other at all times and wished for them to be successful leaders of their future family.

Watch this video shared by 33rd Infantry Makabayan Battalion on Facebook: