Teen gets gang raped in Caloocan after eyeball with social media chatmate; suspects a******d, others in hiding

Image by ABS CBN's Facebook post, Youth Ki Awazz
  • A 19-year-old female was gang raped when she met with her chatmate and joined a drinking session with his friends
  • Three suspects were a******d while two others, including the chatmate, are now at large

A 19-year-old female is still in a state of trauma after she was gang-raped Friday night in Caloocan City.

As disclosed by “Cindy”, not her real name in an article by ABS CBN, she met with her social media chatmate with alias “Yeye” at Barangay Bagong Silang.

When she arrived at their meeting place, Yeye reportedly brought Cindy to his friend’s house where several other people were having a drinking session.

Cindy immediately trusted the group and she reportedly got drunk.

“Suka na po ako nang suka pero naririnig ko na po sila parang marami silang nag-uusap. Pag labas ko po, nagkukumpol na sila tapos nagtatawanan,”  she disclosed. [I had been throwing up many times but I heard a lot of them as they talked. When I came out, I saw them laughing together.]

Cindy added that although she had seemingly lost her strength, she could still see grasp what was taking place. But she could no longer fight back.

She never stopped begging for mercy, she said.

Cindy was purportedly raped by three men while others were watching.

She used her final ounce of strength to call her mother but she was stopped by the men.

The rapist friends fled when they found out Cindy’s mother was coming.

The police immediately nabbed the suspects who were pinpointed by Cindy.

Five suspects have already been a******d while two others are still in hiding, including Yeye.

One of the suspects, alias “Andro”, admitted he was there in the drinking session, but was absent during the a***e.

The other a******d suspects, cousins “Kokoy” and “Vince”, said they only went there when they heard Cindy’s cries for help.

All the suspects are facing r**e charges.