“There’s still chemistry”: Sharon Cuneta, Gabby Concepcion reunite via a McDonald’s commercial

Image capture from Fashion Pulis' post/ Credited to Arnold Padama
  • Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Concepcion reunites via a TV commercial for McDonald’s
  • Fans rejoiced following the good news, claiming there’s still chemistry between the two
  • The two interacted on social media

Love team of the 1980s Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Concepcion bring good news to fans as they reunite via a new project — a TV commercial for a famous fast-food chain.

In a photograph shared by Fashion Pulis on February 6 credited to Arnold Padama, the two could be seen together inside a McDonald’s branch.

Gabby was, apparently, looking at Sharon while staff was putting make-up on her.

Fans, meanwhile, rejoiced after hearing the scoop; claiming there’s still chemistry between their idols.

“I’m speechless. May chemistry pa rin sila kahit bts pa lang.”

“OMG, the best homecoming, and reunion ever. Sharon-Gabby for 2018. Movie next, please! Great move, McDonald’s.”

“I’ll eat McDo every day.”

Earlier, the two interacted via the social media platform Instagram.

The actor posted a photo of him holding roses with the caption “when the end approaches, so does the beginning,” to which Sharon replied “You naughty! Crazy hahaha. No se que.”

She posted images that contain phrases such as “even miracles take a little time,” and “babe cave,” which she said were responses to someone’s post.

Gabby and Sharon first worked together in the film Dear Heart that turned very successful. They worked together on other projects such as My Only Love and Dapat Ka Bang Mahalin.

The two publicly got married in 1984, wherein the wedding was filmed and later released as the Best of Sharon & Gabby in October of the same year. The two separated in 1987. Their daughter, KC, is also a Philippine celebrity.

The post from Gabby:

When the end approaches, so does the beginning. #goodvibes #10 #20

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Here’s Sharon’s:

More clues?