These schoolgirls’ superb imitations of K-pop music videos keep getting viral

Image capture of video by Deksorkrao's Facebook post
  • A bunch of Thai schoolgirls has been imitating K-pop videos and the internet adores them
  • They now have their own Youtube channel and social media accounts; all with huge following

A group of primary school-aged Thai girls named “Deksorkrao” has been “nailing it” with their brilliant imitations of K-pop music videos, specifically videos of their idol band “Black Pink” of South Korea.

K-pop fans, adults, are put to shame by the young girls’ performances as they stated in the comments section of Deksorkrao’s YouTube Channel with 155K subscribers; Facebook page with 305.4K followers; and Intagram account with 10.4k followers.

The “Deksorkrao fever” even made it to the Philippines as one of the group’s videos was shared by Filipino Facebook page “K-wave Korean Language Center Inc.” and Pinoys commented how they loved the performance.

Netizen “Nikki” said: “gawa nga din tau ng ganto hahaha… daig pa tau ng mga batuta na to h.. ang galiiiing! hehehe 
adik din ako sa BlackPinkBlack hahahaa whatever!” [Let’s do this too… these kids do it better than us… superb! I’m also addicted to BlackPink!]

Image by K-Wave Korean Language Center Facebook post

While most of the Pinays’ comments seem to all agree that the kids totally “nailed it”.

Image by K-Wave Korean Language Center Facebook post

Watch the video:

The Facebook post of K-Wave Korean Language Center alone has been viewed 37K times while the original Facebook post of Deksorkrao has been viewed 2.7M times.

Watch Deksorkrao‘s other performances on YouTube.