Video shows clam sushi’s so fresh it’s still moving as it was being served

Image capture of video via shoumizo3446 Twitter's account
  • A sushi lover was shocked when he tucked into his sushi dinner, to find it was moving
  • The social media user using the handle ‘@shoumizo3446’ shared the video online

Who doesn’t like seafood? But what if you get your order and it starts moving on the plate?

This is what exactly happened to a sushi lover in Japan. The diner was left dumbfound after discovering his meal was so fresh that it ‘waved’ at him moments before he devoured it.

According to NDTV, a restaurant-goer in Japan discovered that his clam sushi or “hokkigai” was still moving when it was served.

In a squirmish video posted by Twitter user “@shoumizo3446”, a clam sitting on top of sushi rice was still wriggling when it reached the serving plate. The video taken at Sushiro, a popular conveyor belt Sushi chain in Japan, shows the writhing clam being poked by chopsticks as customers are heard having a laugh.

“The tragedy of Sushiro,” he captioned the tweet. The video which is just under 30 seconds went viral with over 6.3 million views and 51,400 retweets since being posted on February 11.

Did he eat that?

Apparently, the diner didn’t seem to mind the moving clam. In tweets, he revealed that he did eat the dish and that it was “very delicious”.


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