Viral funeral-themed birthday surprise for a ‘katropa’ draws laughs

Image via Glenn Rementizo Pal Mejorada's Facebook account
  • Group of friends threw a surprise party for their pal but with the most hilarious twist
  • They went all out with candles, flowers and tarpaulin
  • It has since gone viral all over Facebook and many people are getting the idea to do the same

What is the measure of true friendship? For some people, it’s staying through all the hard times but for this group of friends, it’s preparing an elaborate birthday party and making it look like it’s a funeral at the same time.

A hilarious video of friends is making the rounds online.

The video posted by Facebook user Glenn Rementizo Pal Mejorada opens with a group of friends huddled together; each of them carrying lit candles and balloons as they walk forward looking like a procession for the d**d. One of them can be seen holding a birthday cake.

Upon reaching the house, they started singing Livin’ La Vida Loca and all of a sudden “prayed” a parody of the mysteries of the celebrant’s life in gay language. All of these gained laughs from people watching the hilarious surprise.

A giant arrangement of flower typically seen next to a coffin during someone’s wake was then brought out and they started singing ‘Happy Birthday’ in a somber tone until finally the birthday gal arrived looking very much surprised.

They showed the tarpaulin they’ve been carrying around that looked like a banner for the deceased. They really went all out for it and the public has found it hilarious that it went viral; friends tagging their friends on the comment sections suggesting to do it too.

The video was posted on February 15 and has since received more than 18,000 shares and 48,000 reactions. It has been viewed more than 2.6 million times!

Posted by Glenn Rementizo Pal Mejorada on Wednesday, February 14, 2018


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Kami PH, Facebook