Watch: Swiss skier shows new way of climbing escalators

Image capture of video via buhsch's Instagram account

Swiss Olympic skier is seemingly having the most fun in the winter Olympics in South Korea this week.

By showing his strength and agility, Fabian Bosch, was getting a hang time while riding the escalator innovatively in Pyeongchang.

The 20-year-old skier shared his fun video in an Instagram post with a caption “After 20 years I still couldn’t figure out how these things work! Am I doing it right?”

Bosch’s coach may not be too happy about his protege risking life and limb as he hung precariously from the handrail just days before the men’s slopestyle starts on Sunday.

His teammate, Jonas Hunziker, shot the video and it is going viral.

Some are calling Bosch the “king of the internet’ because it is not the only time Bosch has been seen having fun around the Olympic Village.

On Sunday, he posted a picture of himself saluting in the Olympic Village while on top of the Olympic rings and pictured himself skating on a river Tuesday.

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