11-year-old traumatized after her ‘behind’ was allegedly groped by cops in the dark

Image capture of video by ABS CBN News via YouTube
  • A traumatized girl claimed that the cops who frisked her in a dark alley groped her behind
  • The cops denied the allegations; however, a police official said that frisking must be done in the presence of a barangay official
  • The girl and her mother filed a case at the MPD Women and Children’s Desk

An 11-year-old girl has accused cops whom she claimed have “groped” her behind in a dark alley in Sampaloc, Manila on Monday night.

The child was said to be traumatized by the event and doesn’t want to go to school anymore.

CCTV footage at Barangay 484 showed 4 cops in civilian attire arrived at the corner of Simoun Street and Prudencio Street in Sampaloc.

Also shown in the CCTV is the 11-year-old in white shirt who was about to go out of the alley to go to a nearby store.

The girl was then seen hurriedly going back to where she came from and claimed she didn’t want to be caught by the curfew rules.

When the cops saw the child, they went after her and were seen surrounding her in a dark alley.

According to the child’s mother, ther daughter’s “behind” was groped.

“Kinapkapan po siya, hinawakan daw po ‘yong puwet… samantalang nilabas naman niya ‘yong bulsa niya sa harap ng short. Sobrang takot nga siya,” the mother said. [She was frisked, she said her behind was touched, even if she pulled out her pockets, she was really scared.]

Since the incident happened, the child fears going out, like going to school.

The Sampaloc Police meanwhile confirmed that the men on the CCTV footage were indeed personnel of the Station Drug Enforcement Unit, who were conducting an anti-illegal drug operation in the area.

The cops said the child has a resemblance to one of their targets who is a suspected drug courier.

The cops admitted that they did the “frisking” at a dark area so to avoid a commotion if people would think they were arresting a child.

A senior inspector said that it was almost 12 midnight during the time and seeing a minor was suspicious.

The cops involved denied that they “groped” the child.

“Sa tingin ko malisyoso lang ‘yong statement [ng bata],” the senior inspector said. [For me, maybe the child’s statement was just malicious.]

However, Superintendent Erwin Margarejo, public information officer of Manila Police District (MPD) saw a flaw in the frisking.

He said that there must definitely be a presence of barangay officials when frisking is done.

The child together with her mother filed a case at the MPD Women and Children’s Desk.

The child had also undergone counseling from the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD).

Watch this video shared by ABS CBN News via YouTube: