5 vintage bombs unearthed from a construction site of a former public van terminal in Albay

Image by Daraga Municipal Police via ABS CBN, Ariel Andes Arieta's Facebook post
  • At least 5 units of 155 mm howitzer rounds or vintage bombs were found in a construction site in Daraga, Albay
  • The site was formerly a terminal for public utility vans 
  • The bombs are now under the custody of the PNP-EOD

At least five pieces of 155 mm howitzer rounds (vintage bombs) were found at a construction site at Barangay Kimantong, Daraga, Albay.

The vintage bombs were unearthed by construction workers on Saturday morning at a building under construction at the lot of former UV Express Terminal owned by a certain Mr & Mrs Lotivio.

Police have always told the public that in instances like this, old explosives are still dangerous.

The authorities also reject the idea that ‘rusty’ bombs will not explode.

The bombs are now under the custody of the Philippine National Police’ Explosive Ordnance Division (PNP-EOD).