6 PNPA graduates mauled by underclassmen after graduation rites

Image capture of video by Catherine Carino via YoutUbe
  • Six PNPA graduates were mauled by their underclassmen
  • A source from PNPA said perhaps personal grudge is the motive for the attack
  • The source said Rock Dela Rosa, the PNP chief’s son, was not involved in the incident

Authorities are conducting an investigation into the mauling incident at the Philippine National police Academy (PNPA) after the 2018 graduation rites on Wednesday, March 21, where President Rodrigo Duterte was the guest of honor and the speaker.

According to Philstar, six graduates from Maragtas Class 2018 were mauled by their underclassmen right after the graduation rites. The new graduates who are now police officers with the rank of Inspector were not identified.

The victims suffered contusions and lacerations on different parts of their bodies. They are now recuperating in an undisclosed hospital.

 The mauling incident took place while the new officers were packing their belongings at the PNPA barracks in Silang, Cavite. A group of cadets from lower class attacked the graduates one hour after President Duterte left PNPA.

A source from PNPA said the possible motive for the attack was personal grudge.

The cadets most likely wanted to get even with their upperclassmen for the hardships they endured at the academy, the source said.

The source added that Rock, the son of PNP Chief Ronald Dela Rosa, was not involved in the mauling incident as he was in a different building when it happened.

PNPA officials are now trying to determine the identities of cadets who were involved in the incident.