Baby boy abandoned in jeepney rescued by Cubao residents; concerned citizen breastfeeds him

Image capture of video by GMA News via YouTube
  • An abandoned baby was rescued by residents in Cubao, Quezon City
  • A concerned citizen willingly breastfed the child, who seemed to be very hungry at the time
  • Important information were retrieved in the tag on the baby’s ankle

What they initially thought to be a crying cat, residents in Cubao, Quezon City found out, was actually an infant abandoned inside a jeepney. They rescued the poor child and thereafter, a concerned citizen, who happens to be a mother, breastfed the baby.

Edson Ochiai, a resident in the area, said in an interview with GMA News on Sunday night that he was on his way home from work when he heard a faint cry that seemed to be coming from a stray cat.

But when he looked at the jeepney’s driver’s seat, he found out that it was an infant. Edson carried the baby in his arms, while other passersby and onlookers approached him.

Erika Ramos, a concerned citizen, said: “Ang lakas po ng iyak niya parang pusa nga. Eh nagbe-breastfeed naman po ako kaya sabi po namin padedehin ko na rin… Naaawa na ako kasi nangingitim na ang lips niya, mukhang gutom na gutom na talaga.”

[The baby kept crying louder, since I’m currently breastfeeding, I gave the poor child some of my milk. I felt pity because his lips were starting to change into a darker color and he seemed to be very hungry.]

They saw the tag on the baby’s ankle, and written was “Baby boy Garcia,” and the mother’s name, “Mary Jane.”

It was also determined from there that the baby boy was born at the Quirino Memorial Medical Center (QMMC) on Saturday, March 24.

Some witnesses claim they saw some riding-in-tandem men leave something in the jeepney.

Barangay officials returned the baby to QMMC and the police are now investigating.

Watch this video shared by GMA News via YouTube:

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