Bela Padilla claps back after receiving negative comments about her belly

Image via Bela Padilla's Instagram account
  • Bela Padilla has received criticisms over her body after she posted a bikini photo on Instagram
  • She responded to the criticisms through her Twitter account
  • Her fans and supporters showed love by defending the actress 

Nowadays, some people seem to think that when you’re a celebrity, you’re not allowed to have any imperfections and this only proves to be true when Bela Padilla received a lot of comments pointing out her protruding belly in one of the bikini photos she uploaded.

The comment section is full of people laughing and pointing out the fact that she has belly rolls and it obviously didn’t sit well with the young actress.

She took to Twitter to express her shock over how many people commented about it. She then continued on to embrace it and said “Yes I do. It holds my organs that I need to live. It has a layer of muscles that I worked hard for in the gym and a layer of fat from the food I enjoy to eat.”

And to justify it, she said that she was seated.

She then added another tweet; asking if it would have been better if she edited the said photo to perfection which is something she could have easily done.

She doesn’t think it would send the right message to younger people if she did,

Bela even agreed to one of the replies on her tweet condemning the people who commented on it and considered the act as body-shaming.

Fans also didn’t fail to show their love and support by defending Bela from any basher on Instagram.