Bodies of 15 men found crammed into pickup truck in Mexico

Image from ECR
  • 15 bodies of men were found inside a pickup truck in Mexico
  • A message scrawled at the side of the truck suggested that the victims were killed “because they were kidnappers”
  • The prosecutors’ office said one of the dead men was identified as a member of criminal gang Knigths of Templar

Fifteen bullet-ridden male corpses were discovered crammed into the cargo area of a beige pickup truck abandoned on the roadside in Mexico.

According to ABC News, the prosecutors’ office in the western state of Michoacan said the bodies of men were found in the rural township of Aquila on Friday, March 23. Authorities suspect that the men were killed by a rival criminal gang.

“The bodies of 15 males were found, all presenting bullet wounds,” the prosecutors’ office said in a statement.

The prosecutors’ office identified one of the dead bodies as that of a member of criminal gang called Knights Templar, which has been involved in drug trafficking, kidnapping, extortion and killings.

The pickup truck was splattered with blood and a message that was scrawled on its side suggested that the men were killed “because they were kidnappers.”

In 2013, the area around Aquila was the scene of an uprising of armed vigilantes against Knights Templar.